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What Is The Difference USB3.1type-c Interface And USB2.0type-c Interface Data Line!
May 04, 2018

    Type-c data lines have been used by many people, and they all know that type-c data lines can support block charging. In fact, this is not the case, type-c now has two standard jacks, one is the USB33.1type-c interface data line, the other is the USB2.0type-c interface data line. So USB3.1type-c interface and USB2.0type-c interface data line support fast charge it? What is the difference between them?

  The type-c data line is what we call USB3.1type-c data line, USB3.1type-c interface is the standard fast charge data line interface. Of course, type-c is not only the standard of USB3.1 interface, but also the type-c interface data cable of USB2.0 standard. However, the data line standards of the two type-c interfaces do not all support fast charging. Although all of them are type-c interfaces, the transmission speeds of the two are different, and the charging speed is not the same.

   The type-c interface data line is capable of providing faster charging speed, but this can only be done for type-c interface data lines conforming to the USB 3.1 standard because USB 3.1 supports the power supply standard of the USB-PD. , up to 100 watts (W), charging speeds up to 20V/5A.

USB2.0type-c's fastest charging speed is 5V/500mA, which does not support fast charging. So not all type-c interface data lines are fast-charging data lines.

   The faster transmission speed of a data line in a type-c interface also refers to the USB3.1 standard type-c interface data line. Many devices that use the type-c interface now only change their appearance, but they do not actually support the USB 3.1 standard. Even USB3.1 standard type-c interface data lines, but most of the other devices we use are based on the USB2.0 standard, and it is impossible to transfer data quickly.

   Therefore, the biggest difference between the USB3.1 type-c interface data cable and the USB2.0 type-c interface data cable is that the standard of the interface is not the same, which leads to the use of all USB2.0 standard devices that do not support the fast charge and fast transfer. Function, only supports USB3.1 standard type-c interface data line to support fast charging, fast data transmission, when we buy type-c data line to be clear that they are the kind needed, and confirm with the store In the purchase.