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What Is The Otg Data Line And What Is The Use Of The Otg Data Line?
Jul 07, 2018

What is OTG?

OTG is mainly used for connection between various devices or mobile devices for data exchange. The development of USB technology enables computers and peripheral mobile devices to transmit various data through a simple USB connection. This leads to a situation in which, once a mobile phone or tablet computer does not have a computer, we cannot manage the mobile device and other mobile device data, which brings inconvenience to users.

With mobile devices such as mobile phones becoming more and more like computers, can we imagine the use of mobile phones as computers? Can also connect U disk, USB network card, etc. on the phone? The answer is yes, OTG function is to achieve mobile phones and USB devices such as U disk connection, but the phone is a tiny USB interface, can not meet the U disk and other USB interface needs, so OTG data line came into being.


OTG line appearance

The role of OTG is to realize data transfer between mobile devices without a computer. Compared to a single line connection of two mobile devices, the OTG line can directly connect the devices for data transmission and printing operations. No need to bring a memory card or computer to send. The most common is that mobile phones connect USB devices such as USB flash drives through OTG lines, thereby extending the capabilities of mobile devices.


OTG reads data at a low voltage all the time. Can be the same as the memory card, support hot-swappable, so this is not the same as the computer, do not need to read and write U disk as safe as the computer;


OTG data line classification

General OTG cable is divided into two types, one is the need to connect to the power supply, and the other is that there is no need to connect the power supply, but their function is the same, are generally used as an external device to connect USB, such as a printer, Camera and other equipment. For example, if our mobile phone supports OTG function, but what if we want to play movies or music in U disk? General users can only transfer the files on the U disk to the mobile phone through the computer, but as long as the OTG data line is passed, we can directly play the files on the U disk on the mobile phone.


OTG data line

For another example, for example, we generally buy a tablet computer that only supports Wifi wireless Internet access. What if we want to achieve 3G wireless Internet access? In fact, it is also very simple, as long as our Tablet PC supports OTG function, you can use the OTG data cable to connect the Tablet PC and USB 3G network card to use, thus achieving the Tablet PC can also achieve 3G wireless Internet access