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What Is The Switching Power Supply?
Sep 21, 2018

         Switching power supply is a relatively new type of power supply. After the introduction of the switching regulator power supply (hereinafter referred to as switching power supply), it has gradually replaced the linear regulated power supply and the thyristor phase-controlled power supply in many fields. Early in the series was a series switching power supply with a main circuit topology similar to that of a linear power supply, but the power transistors operate in a switching state. With the development of pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, PWM switching power supply is available. It is characterized by pulse width modulation using a 20 kHz carrier. The efficiency of the power supply can reach 

65%~70%, while the efficiency of the linear power supply is only 30%~ 40%. Therefore, replacing the linear power supply with a PWM switching power supply with a working frequency of 20 kHz can greatly save energy, which has aroused widespread concern. It has been hailed as the 20 kHz revolution in the history of power supply technology.