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What Is Wrong With The Mobile Phone Data Line?
Apr 10, 2018

Sometimes when we charge the phone, we can't charge the phone from time to time. We think that the phone is broken, but it's okay to change the data cable for a mobile phone. It's a headache. If we only have one mobile phone data line, we don’t know how many people are dying, but many people do not know what this is all about, and they think it is the data line of the mobile phone itself. The quality problem is actually not because our misuse will lead to such problems. Please pay attention to the following three points:

First, the data line has just prompted to appear, this problem is generally caused by poor contact, you can check whether the data line is dirty, and then check the phone plug (data selection jack) if there is dirt, use alcohol to clean.

Cellphone data line

Second, the charger is not good, the voltage is not enough, please try to replace the charger. After the connection between the mobile phone and the data cable, there is a phenomenon that the contact does not come into contact with the data line. Generally, the contact between the core and the soldering point at one end of the USB or Lightning plug or Micro head is not good, and the disconnection is caused. Please replace the data cable. .

Third, the computer chassis front USB charging This prompt is generally due to insufficient supply, please insert the back of the chassis, or change the charger to charge.