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When The Apple Data Cable Is Broken
May 11, 2018

     Many people like to use Apple mobile phones. They can be described as fashionable, beautiful, easy to use, and trend to be appropriate. After all, user groups account for a large part. Even if it is expensive, there are still so many followers. Not only the mobile phone is expensive, but also the mobile phone accessories data line is also extremely expensive, an apple original data line 1 meter long should be 149RMB ah, even 0.5 meters also sold 149RMB. This is an uphill battle. For me who can't afford to use an apple, I only look at the data line and I don't speak. The more expensive data lines have also been tested by the melon people. The result is that Apple's data lines are easily broken. What to do? What to do! Such an expensive Apple iPhone 5s data cable says bad is bad. What remains in front of me is just sad reminder........

    In general, if the data cable is an original data cable, its use time is still relatively long, and it depends on how you use it. Of course, if you use a cottage data cable, then the risk of a broken data cable will be even greater, because no matter the quality of the interface or the core of the wire, the data cable of the cottage cannot provide a good guarantee for the data cable of Apple. .

    The largest possible loss of the Apple data cable is still from the voltage, the voltage required by it is in line with the US standard factory voltage, if you use a data line with different voltage load, it is very likely to cause very Big damage. Once it is broken, it is difficult to save from both time and cost. It is only necessary to purchase a new data line again. Here, Xiaobian suggests that if the economic situation permits, it is best to configure it again. Root the original data cable so as not to cause damage to the phone again. If the economy does not allow it, it does not matter, many third-party data line factories Apple data lines also do a good job, for example, we have a deep Hi-Tech Apple data line is also very good, the quality is not worse than the brand. Our factory is professionally customized, and the price is relatively cheaper than the brand. Oh, it is definitely a good value for money and a good quality iPhone data line. Need to consult it