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Why Are There 1A And 2A Points In The Mobile Data Line?
Apr 26, 2018

The 1A and 2A mobile phone data lines are usually referred to as the mobile phone charging current. We all know that after the battery power in the cell phone is used up, it needs to be charged before it can be used again. Can not continue to use without charging.

We all have personal experience. In today's society, we are all living in a fast-paced, efficient and realistic society. In this way, the mobile phone is out of power. It is urgent to use a cell phone to call or check the data or something. At this time, you will definitely feel that the phone is charging as fast as possible. Waiting for emergency use, the more charge the better, the more durable.

The mobile phone data line seen in commercial advertisements on the Internet today is said to be charged for 2 hours, and the number of minutes for calls is essentially fast and durable.

One of the greatest functions of a mobile phone data line is charging. 1A is 1A current, 2A is 2A current. That is, 2A current is greater than 1A current, in the same time, it must be a large current in order to achieve rapid charge to a large battery.