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Why Is The Charge Less Full When Driving?
Mar 29, 2018

Many people like to charge the mobile phone while driving, but find that the mobile phone battery is becoming less and less durable, and even the electrical board is still damaged. Why is this?

When the mobile phone is charged with the USB port, it will increase fuel consumption and it is very environmentally unfriendly. When the phone is charging with the USB port, it will reduce the mileage per 3.8 liters by about 0.48 kilometers! The cost of charging in the car per hour is about 1.3 yuan, which is not worthwhile.

Moreover, when charging in the car, many people have made the following mistakes, resulting in not only not charging the phone, but also damage the phone battery!

1. Use the car's USB port directly

The USB interface in the car is set for audio data transmission. The current of this interface is only 5V/0.5A. If the current and voltage are not up to standard, the phone will be damaged.

In some of the more advanced and relatively new cars, USB interfaces are provided that are compliant with mobile devices such as mobile phones. Most of these interfaces are located in the armrest box and under the exhaust vents, and have current markers that can be used to charge the phone.

2. When using car charger, no interface

Many people like to use a car charger, but please note that the car charger output current can not be less than the maximum rated input power of the phone.

A car charger with 5v/2.1 output will charge a mobile phone with a maximum rated input power of 5V/1A. The car charger will input 1A for the mobile phone and 2A for the tablet PC, which can be filled in a shorter time. Electricity. If it is the opposite, not only will the charging time be longer, but it will also cause the phone to become hot. This will damage the phone battery for a long time.