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Why Is The Original Mobile Data Cable Basically Using TPE Material?
Apr 10, 2018

Nowadays, with the continuous innovation of technology, the popularity of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. The accessories are in various forms. Take the mobile phone data cable, the market is really varied, but generally there is PVC material and TPE. Material of these two materials, but in the current market occupied the mainstream of the data line made of PVC materials, because this type of data line is relatively cheap, high-end mobile phone data line is based on TPE material. We generally do not see any difference between the two data lines, but there is actually a big difference between them. So, why is the original mobile data cable basically using TPE material?

Cellphone data line

First, the environment in which TPE can be used has certain requirements, and it mainly has certain requirements for its use temperature. Good hardness can ensure that it can adapt to different processing environments, and environmental performance can ensure that no poisonous gas is released, and it will not cause harm to the operator's body.

Second, the data line made of TPE feels smooth and sticky, can achieve a matte or delicate surface.

Third, TPE material processing performance is superior, does not require special processing equipment, with a variety of deployment at the color, the market is the most common white or light gray.

Fourth, TPE data line performance is stable, halogen-free flame retardant V0, no phosphorus, ozone resistance, play a significant role in the safety and environmental performance.

Fifth, through the deployment of formulated formulations, can enhance the aging resistance of the wire, and extend the service life.