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Why Is The Price Difference Between The Power Adapters So Great?
Mar 27, 2018

  There are often customers responding that power adapters with the same power rating are the reasons why the price gap on the market is so big? Some even doubled? Once upon a time, the 1 watt and 1 dollar slogan reverberated throughout the power industry. Looking at today, many 36W power adapters are priced at less than 20rmb. so that should really be changed to 1 watt and 0.5 rmb? Looking at the high-end power adapter products in the same industry from another perspective, although the price has also been down, but it is also close to 1 watt and 1 bucks, the power adapter industry is really swallowed by the price war? Then the product has a higher price difference It is how it happened? Let us take a look at the difference in the price of the power adapter.


       Generally speaking, a power adapter is composed of a large number of electronic components, and due to the potential electrical hazards, the power adapter is a closed product that does not allow opening of the enclosure. This has led to many users simply measuring the wattage and the most intuitive price indicated on the nameplate of the power adapter. The power adapter, the interior of this seemingly simple "plastic box" is far less simple than we thought. Only the use of materials can affect the quality of a 70% of the power adapter, and circuit design, manufacturing processes and other factors also occupy a lot of proportion. In addition to the rated power, its stability is the most intuitive factor that affects the user experience.


     One penny and one cent, this is the concept that many people buy products. Popular point of view, the power adapter internal electronic components of the material is roughly divided into three kinds, the lowest level for the old material or fake materials; the middle level is the second material; the highest level is a good material. The general Shanzhai factory will use old materials and fake materials to make up the numbers. No-name manufacturers will use a little better material, and only the first-line brands will use the best quality and good materials. Therefore, two 36W power adapters of the same class have an average price of 30 rmb compared with those of only 15 rmb.


        Therefore, using the concept of "a penny and a goods" to describe the power adapter is the most vivid. Although the price difference of a single electronic component is not very obvious, but for a power adapter using dozens of components, the difference in the use of materials is more obvious. This also makes it easy to explain why some of the same-class Dachang power adapters cost more than Cottage products


        For the power adapter, it is necessary to have a complete set of R&D, production and inspection procedures from the initial design to the packaging and sales. In order to ensure that the power adapter products that consumers eventually get have a stable performance and excellent quality, every step in the entire process is crucial, and these are the details that our consumers can easily overlook when choosing a power adapter.


        Normally, after a power adapter is manufactured, it will undergo aging testing, electrical performance testing, and high-voltage testing in order to verify whether it meets the original design standards. These test equipment and environments are also part of the need for manufacturers to invest heavily. At present, only some formal power plants have these conditions.


        For consumers, the most concern is the final price. However, for the current domestic power market where homogeneity is very serious, the difference between the two wattage power adapters may be as high as 50% or more. When we select the power adapter, we can't just use the “how much per watt” criterion to measure. Also consider the power adapter brand, materials, workmanship, after sales and other aspects. In this way, we can choose the power adapter that suits our own in a variety of markets where virtual signs and inferior packaging are more common.