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Why Is The Price Of Some Mobile Phone Data Lines In The Market Far Below The Market Price?
Apr 24, 2018

Once I saw a stall on a street in Shenzhen selling an ordinary PVC-shaped mobile phone data line. Surprisingly, the price was astonishingly low. It only costed 1 yuan and she looked out of curiosity. Now, because my company is also producing various types of mobile data lines, the price cannot be sold so low. Can a vendor still have to earn? I took a look at the light from the appearance you can see this line is very poor, what glitches ah, AM plug rusty and a lot of problems, I bought a back to try what the charging effect, and I think Like, it takes a long time to fully charge the phone. This line cannot guarantee its quality.

In fact, the data line according to the manufacturers to have the original original, domestic brands and domestic OEM. Domestic brands have miscellaneous brands, and the quality is really bad. The qualified rate of good products is less than 70%, which makes customers wonder if their mobile phone is broken or not. I believe many friends have encountered this situation. Therefore, it is also an important matter for brand owners to select good data line manufacturers. Now our most common phone data lines are Android and Apple data lines.

Data lines also have different workmanship and different price categories. The fact that we are pointing at different prices shows that we cannot choose any of the data line manufacturers. The quality of data lines is uneven, and polarization is severe. One is the data lines that professionally export to high-end markets, such as Japan, South Korea, and Germany. These countries have high requirements for the functions, appearance, and reliability of data lines. Although the customer unit price is good, quality control is quite strict and it is not what ordinary manufacturers can do. If there is no long-term sense of quality, it is very likely that this is only a single list, and even has to lose a lot of money. Another kind of Huaqiangbeizhong is common, the price is very low, the quality is very poor, in order to reduce costs, interlocking. For example: 7*0.08 positive electrode specifications, it is estimated that only a few people dare to produce, this specification may take up to 10 hours to fully charge your cell phone, and again such as: functional protection, casually pumping 100, 20% dysfunction If there is only a broken circuit, there will be no cell phone explosion or charger fire. So do not blindly pursue the low price is good, choose to have low price and quality guaranteed data line manufacturers can let you use the rest assured that the use of satisfaction!