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Why Not Charge The Car With The USB Interface In The Car?
Mar 31, 2018

For many mobile phone, tablet heavy rely on people, see the car has a USB interface, it is almost like to see their loved ones, kind of incredible. 10% of the electricity is left before charging. After charging with USB, the battery power does not rise but falls.

At present, more and more new cars are equipped with in-car USB interfaces, one for data transmission and the other for charging digital products. However, it is known to those who have already used it, and it is often the case that they use the USB interface of the vehicle to charge while navigating.

In-car USB interface

Not to mention high-consumption digital devices such as tablet PCs, except to basically ensure that it will not automatically shut down, counting on the USB interface charging is tantamount to delusions. Therefore, using the car USB interface charging is simply a cup of water. Since the charging of the USB port in the car is slow due to the low output current, the solution is also very simple. Either a self-provisioned battery charger or a USB charger with a high output current from the cigarette lighter is used. The screen of the mobile phone is being made larger and larger, and the capacity of the mobile phone battery has also become very large, frequently a few thousand milliamperes.

Someone said, Apple's original charger display output current is 1A, then the car charger current is too high will not charge the phone or shorten the battery life of the phone? There is no need to worry about this, as all mobile phones have internal current limiting devices. That is, the mobile phone will intelligently choose the maximum current that can be charged. One thing to note here is that since USB devices with high output currents are to be selected, products with a minimum of 2.1A must be purchased.

3-port car charger

In addition, in order to avoid the cigarette lighter fuse blow, the car charger should avoid access to high-power automotive appliances such as car vacuum cleaners, air pumps. If you need to receive electricity, please directly select the power from the battery. For some car chargers with one trailer or two or even one trailer, the remarks indicate that the output current is 3.4A or even higher, meaning that the output current at full load is used simultaneously with two or three sockets. Single socket charging type, the general output current is about 2.4A. Therefore, to sum up, when you buy an external car charger cigarette lighter, try to choose a high-power car charger, you can avoid charging the battery into the embarrassing situation, under normal circumstances, select 5V/2.1A products on it.