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Why USB Data Cable Can Be Compatible With So Many Mobile Phones
May 07, 2018

      Everyone should know that the data lines we usually use because of different mobile phone interfaces, so the micro USB data cable can not be compatible with other common mobile phones and mobile devices. For example, the micro USB data cable used by Android phones cannot be used by Apple mobile phones.

       We use mobile phones every day are more frequent, mobile phone battery capacity is limited, so frequent use will soon lead to cell phone power. At this time we will have to find the data line to charge. Some people may not be able to charge because of the reasons for their work and living, so there will be more than one mobile phone. Although it is possible to change the use of mobile phones in a timely manner, the sockets of mobile phones are also different and often carry several different data lines.

       What is this three-in-one USB data cable? Why do you say that he can be compatible with so many mobile phones, because he has two more plugs than the normal single plug data cable, so that the data cable with three plugs is not compatible with more mobile phones. The three plugs of this USB data cable support Android, Apple, and type-c respectively. The main features of this three-in-one USB data cable are convenience, practicality, and fast charge transmission. It is important to have this triple USB cable. Whether you use a phone with an Android jack, an Apple jack, or a type-c jack, you don't have to mess with the three cables to charge. With such a three-in-one USB data cable, many more mobile phones do not have to worry about not charging.