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Why USB Data Cable Can Be Compatible With So Many Mobile Phones
May 07, 2018

      Currently, the fastest USB 3.1 type-c data cable can be used to charge the mobile phone. This is also the gospel of Android phones. Apple couldn't stand it. Its original Apple data line did not support fast charging, and it quickly released its own fast-charging data line. Although they are data lines that can support fast charging, personally, they are not considered comparable.

      USB3.1type-c has been out for a long time, but for the time being it hasn't been popularized yet, it should be a function that many previous phones do not support fast charging. Because of the current limitation of mobile phone charging, it is also impossible to use USB3.1 type-c data cable. Fast charge effect. Only the latest smartphones in the past two years have switched to type-c data lines, and there must be a process for universal adoption.

      However, from the online publicity and the experience of netizens, we can see that everyone is very fond of the USB3.1type-c data line, due to the black technology's blessing, he quickly became known to everyone. The data line that we commonly use now is the micro USB Android data line, the electric current that is up to about 2A is very slow to charge, and it is a single-sided socket, also need to distinguish positive and negative when charging. But type-c fast charging data line is not the same, type-c can be double-sided plug, do not distinguish between positive and negative, and the charging theory can reach the current output of 100w, is not very powerful, the data transmission speed is also very fast . It can also be compatible with the old USB standard and many other black technology features in one, not only gives us a quick experience of rapid battery charging, but USB3.1type-c is also very cheap, is not it great.

      Android has released USB3.1type-c fast-charge data cable, and Apple is not far behind. This year it finally released its own lightning-fast data cable. However, we still need to buy a USB-C to lightning charger that supports fast charging. Only in this way can we achieve fast charging. Is it not awkward to feel awkward? This is no problem, but the Internet says that you want to use a fast charging data line to purchase it. Think of the original lighting must be more than a hundred, and this support for fast charging is more expensive, the official website of the starting price of a USB-C to lightning the data line to 188 yuan, the price you let so many fruit powder over how it is No.

       This comparison gap is so big, USB3.1type-c fast charging data line is not only powerful, cheap, and an external adapter can be compatible with all Apple mobile phones and Android phones. Apple's fast-charging data cable also uses USB-C lightning to achieve fast charging, and the price is so expensive that it only supports mobile devices such as mobile phones. From these you can see that USB3.1-c and Apple's USB-C to lightning data line which is better to use it, I personally very optimistic about USB3.1type-c fast charge data line, how do you see it?