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Wireless Charging, Mobile Phone Data Line Out?
Apr 24, 2018

Mobile phones are everywhere. Some people even have several. What are the most feared things when you go out? It means there is no electricity, and the battery is not durable. Although there are mobile power sources such as charging treasures, it is necessary to prepare a mobile power supply and a mobile phone data cable. It is very troublesome. However, there have been reports recently that wireless charging is about to come out, that is, not relying on chargers, through the magnetic field to charge mobile phones and other devices. I do not know if you are excited or not, it is much more convenient to go out.

Wireless charging, in theory, allows users to charge anywhere, anytime, anywhere, like WiFi, where wireless charging is provided. Wireless charging is safer than traditional chargers. Because there is no charging interface, problems such as leakage are naturally avoided. Because wireless charging meets the needs of consumers, smart phone companies have already launched wireless charging phones. Insiders believe that wireless charging is the future trend.

However, there are still bottlenecks in the development of wireless charging technology. Under the current technical conditions, most wireless charging mobile phones on the market can only be placed on a wireless charging base to charge. Some users even believe that this is not as convenient as using a charger. The energy conversion rate of the wireless charging system is not high, and the loss is large, which easily leads to waste of electric energy. In addition, the charging efficiency is not high enough. At present, some charging devices can charge 60% of power within 30 minutes in the fast charging mode. However, the charging efficiency of wireless charging devices is overshadowed by the fact that it takes more than three hours to fully charge the power. Therefore, some experts believe that whether or not the charger is a charging device is not important, and the charging efficiency is the king.

Right now, wireless charging devices are just "looks beautiful," and are far from the consumer's expectations, making it difficult to replace wired charging devices. However, with the development of technology, once wireless charging equipment realizes long-distance and high-efficiency charging, it will truly enter the consumer's life, spawn new consumption hotspots and set off a huge market. However, in the next few years, it is impossible to replace the mobile phone data line on behalf of the charge.