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Wireless USB Connector Development And Application
Apr 04, 2018

Wireless USB connector, with a speed of 480Mb/s in a distance of 3 meters, 110Mb/s in a distance of 10 meters, can connect up to 127 devices without a hub. The Certified Wireless USB Connector (CWUSB) will become a strong competitor for future desktop computers and small home office (SOHO) applications, but USB 3.0 will be more optimistic. In any case, the question will be how the user will power these devices. Power devices mean 25-50% of the cable and there is a risk because of the large number of AC adapters used.

WUSB is still important for desktop and notebook computer applications. Because a large number of peripherals must "grasp" the WUSB host, it will slow down its application. Its impact will eventually emerge in the following areas (although the old ports will remain for years): USB hubs, printers, external hard drives, and notebook and desktop computers.

USB port may fall. Possible developments are the coexistence of high-speed cable, USB power, and low-speed wireless ports. In the past five years, USB has experienced double-digit growth. This will continue until 2010, and the application of wireless USB connectors will be further expanded. Ultimately, the growth rate of Wired USB will fall below double digits in 5-10 years - if new developments make the wireless USB connector faster or even more generic, negative growth may occur. This mainly depends on the use of CWUSB in consumer electronics, which is a major growth component of the industry, with particular focus on mobile and handheld devices (involving both small and micro USB).

Wireless applications are one of the largest drivers in the electronics industry. They have driven many new products and market segments (there are many different types of connectors used in these areas). Wireless applications have increased connectors by 1 to 2 percentage points over the past five years.

This also provides new opportunities for RF and antenna connector manufacturers. According to a new report from Bishopand Associates, a market research company, the value of the connector factory for telecommunications equipment is expected to exceed US$7 billion in 2008, and the factory shipments of connectors for wireless network equipment will reach approximately US$3.7 billion, compared with 2007. It increased by 10.7%. In 2012, shipments were 5.6 billion U.S. dollars. The average annual growth rate was as high as 10.8%, and the growth momentum was strong.